Saturday, 19 December 2009

Here's the beginning......

For a start, maybe all of you should try out my daily menu to keep fit but this doesn't apply for holidays!

Take a look below.......just a look, doesn't mean you have to follow.

Monday to Friday

7.00am - Two mugs of water.
8.30am - vegetable
11.00 - coffee/tea with groundnuts c/w shell
12.00 noon - 1 mug of Chinese tea
 1.00pm - fruits
 2.00pm - 1 mug of water
 3.00pm - vegetables
 5.10pm - 1 mug of water before start of walking exercise
 6.30pm - 3 mugs of water after exercise
 7.15pm - fish on alternate days. Mutton, chicken or pork in between.

Saturday and Sunday
  Anything goes

When I come across great food, say 'yummy pig trotters' (think of the healthy collagen, not the fat....hahaha),, got to stray a little what you gotta do, cannot be too inflexible right?

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