Friday, 13 December 2013

Wantan Mee at Chan Meng Kee Restaurant SS2 PJ

Chan Meng Kee Restaurant is famous for char-siew wantan mee (bbq pork dumpling noodles), it is located at SS2, same row at the DiGi store shop. Since there is quite a few restaurant around SS2, quite a lot of cars around. Be patient, you should be able to find a parking here.

(Photo from Foursquare)

Order char-siew wantan mee, side order big dumpling soup and roasted pork.

(Photo from Foursquare)

For the rating. The noodle, bbq pork (char-siew) is nice. The dumplings are just so so.

Check more information Chan Meng Kee 陳明記 at foursquare.
GPS 3.1193328475246425,101.620207462973 on Google Maps.