Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ah Khai Char Siew Rice at Sea Park

Is the food explore session after the breakfast gathering.

This time we came to Simon Delight at Sea Park, just opposite the Sea View Restaurant. There is a stall inside the Simon Delight Restaurant call Ah Khai Chicken Rice. The Char Siew here is nice, must try.

One of the best Char Siew near Sea Park and Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya. 

Not many parking around this restaurant. Simon Delight is not that crowded at Sea View Restaurant, but the Char Siew Rice here is worth a try.

Ah Khai Char Siew Rice at Simon Delight, Sea Park, PJ.

The look might not be that good but taste is good. It could be too soft for some people.

The Chicken Rice stall came out in Sunday Star as well.

Price: Normal (RM4.50 per plate).

Map location: Simon Delight 

Friday, 5 February 2010

Mushroom Farm Restaurant at Genting 2009

The dishes at Mushroom Fram Restaurant (Genting) is delicious, price is reasonable. Recommend to try when next time you go Genting.

Mushroom Farm Restaurant

Steam fish

Belacan kangkong

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Ipoh Food Explore race

Just recently I spent about three weeks in Ipoh, exploring Ipoh and the neighbouring towns. I
visited Kg Simee, Bercham, Tambun, Gunung Rapat, Pasir Puteh, Menglembu, Buntong, Silibin and Chemor too. I've seen three markets - brought back memories of my younger days when I had to run errands for my mother. No such markets in Seremban now. 
Now here's the list of food I've tried  :
Kg Simee market white coffee and yau char kuai -  good
Wooley, next to Gourmet Square: lamb chop -  nothing extraordinary
Gourmet Sq: Popiah - OK
Kam Hor ngah choy kai, adjacent to Gourmet Sq -  average
Tai Fong Jee Tou mee -  OK but saltish
Sri Maju ngau lam fun, New town - good
Sin Eng Heong kayakok - good
Tong Sui Kai: Cheong Kee ngau lam fun, opposite Sam Tet School - good
Tong Sui Kai; ice kacang, opposite Sam Tet School - good
Ice kacang in a number of places - lousy
Buntong wantan mee - average
Nam Chau dry curry laksa and coffee - OK
Sin Seng Fatt dry curry laksa (Famous), old town - good
Kwong Hoing yong liew, kai geok and foochook yee mai, mah tai kang in Gunung Rapat - excellent. Talked to Mr Hew, the proprietor.
Metro cafe Mee Gopeng, Old Town - good. Met Mr Lam, the proprietor
Bercham Char siew, siu yoke - excellent and cheap
........ a lot more
 Best coffee - at the coffee shop, Wah Pan in Ipoh town .

I can now be a tour guide for Ipoh - especially for food. 

Anyone wants to join me next time ?