Saturday, 11 April 2015

Seong Kee Hakka Young Tau Foo

This shop is located at the Medan Selera PJ old town (3.087479, 101.646113). It is a small food court, hot during sunny day. Not many parking space available, you can park further at Jalan 4/43. Just a few steps away from bus station Jalan Othman.

Seong Kee

Hakka Dapu Abacus 算盤子

You hardly find this hakka abacus elsewhere. Not everyone like it, and time consuming to prepare it. It is made by taro (yam), hard to get good taro. This hakka dapu abacus is quite nice.

Yong Tau Foo

I can guarantee you can find better Yong Tau Foo elsewhere.

Will I come back again? Yes, to try out vinegar pork knuckle and other dishes.

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